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Stressbusters is a national training and outreach program that teaches students to be free resource advisors and backrub providers who continuously calm and connect thousands of students and staff with support services at events all over campus.  Stressbusters programs are reaching and relaxing students and staff at Harvard, St. John’s, Rutgers, the University of Missouri and other schools.

Significant decreases in reported stress, loneliness, sadness, overwhelmed feelings and muscle tension among participants have been found in formal assessment of the Stressbusters program’s impact. Increases in predicted ability to complete tasks and to cope with stressors were also reported.

Campus Stressbusters programs recruit and train students to be volunteer Stressbusters, produce events, and dispatch Stressbusters teams to events requested by campus groups, programs and departments. Locally, Stressbusters is produced by NAU Health Promotions.

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